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Panel Mount Cases For Your Business

We design custom panel mount cases for your business. Perfect for packaging, protecting and deploying your products, simultaneously enhancing your brand's image and equipment protection.

Enhanced Durability Panel mount cases

Panel Mount Cases for Any Application

When it comes to panel mount cases, durability is paramount. Our durable panel mount cases are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, providing long-lasting performance and unmatched protection for your valuable equipment.

With rugged construction and high-quality materials, our cases ensure the utmost durability and peace of mind. Designed for industrial, testing, military, medical, and communication equipment, our cases keep your panels safe sand secure.

4G& 5G Antenna Cases·         
Drone FPV GroundStations·         
Pyrotechnics FiringPanels·         
Launch Controllers·        
 Medical Equipment Cases·         Portable Ventilators·         Radon Testing Cases·         Megohmmeter Cases·         Milli-Ohmmeter Cases·         Data Logger Cases·         LCD Screen Cases·         Emergency Radio Cases·         Chart Recorder Cases·         Salinity Test Cases·         Turbidity Meter Cases·         Rugged PC Enclosures·         Test Equipment Cases·         Cyberdecks 

Seamless Integration in Panel Mount Cases

Designed for Long-lasting Performance

Achieve seamless integration with our  panel mount cases that house your important equipment.

Panel Mount Cases for Any Application

Designed to seamlessly fit with various electronic devices and equipment, our panel mount cases offer a perfect fit for any application.

Customized Storage for Your Customers Unique Equipment

With precise engineering and craftsmanship, we ensure that our cases provide a seamless integration experience, eliminating compatibility concerns and streamlining installation.

CUSTOM Panel mount CASEs

S3 Cases designs and builds custom hard-sided panel mount cases using the most durable materials available. Made In The USA, our cases thrive in unforgiving environments to keep your valuable equipment protected for years to come.

No matter how extreme your environment...

Interested in learning how our custom hard-sided cases can help your business? Contact us for more information. No matter how extreme your environment, Custom Knife Cases has a protective case solution for you.